Garden Furniture Langton Green

Sometimes we are asked to carry out unusual jobs, which for us can turn out to be very satisfactory. In this case a good client based in Langton Green had a stone wall area outside their front door that was filled with over grown plants, shrubs and generally looked scruffy. With a family & two dogs, boots & coats were a necessity and we thought that this area could be a good use of space for a nice wood bench to allow muddy boots & wet coats to be taken on & off with ease.

Once we cleared the area of any shrubs and growth, we laid a thick weed terram and built the frame work using 4×2 timber and installing it into the wall. Then after a few options were looked at for the finishing wood the client decided on a beautiful wood from a local company, and to be honest it was a joy to use and a joy to look at once completed. As always little projects like this are fun to work on and we are looking forward to the next one