Landscaping in Sevenoaks

Just like inside the home, times change and there is no use for a piece of furniture or décor anymore. The same goes with a garden, & in this case in Sevenoaks a client had a swimming pool that was no longer needed. Upon a first meeting, we decided that it could be filled in and how much materials would be required, as you can see from the pictures quite a lot however once we had removed any pipework, pumps and electrical elements the rest was quite easy, break it up, let it fall in on its self and fill in with extra hardcore.

Once this had been done, a lot of topsoil was used to provide a good thick layer to allow a new lawn to be laid. This job took a lot of time & effort, especially to ensure that it didn’t sink, so over & over we went with diggers to pack it down until finally we were happy with the finished result. To this day it has not sunk. A nice layer of turf to match in with the existing garden and who would have know it was ever there. Projects like these we love